Asset management


The software is targeted at asset managers, operators and investors in photovoltaics. It provides transparent overviews of the operational and financial performance of photovoltaic portfolios, combined with powerful tools for diagnostics and grid interaction according to the company.

SynaptiQ diagnostics and reporting tools are based on 3E’s validated and bankable models and are designed to facilitate comparison between actual data (energy yield, irradiation and availability), business plan, contractual guarantees and simulated expected performance. To decrease uncertainty further, SynaptiQ provides irradiation measures backed up with satellite and/or secondary on-site measurements, and yield measurements at inverter level backed up with meter measurements. 3E states that SynaptiQ detects more performance dips than traditional monitoring systems through its advanced simulation and benchmarking capabilities.

The solution includes a fully on-demand, customizable reporting portal which allows for cross-system aggregation at any level. The advanced diagnostics and comparison tools, in addition to centralized intervention management facilitate dispatching and scheduling. According to 3E, SynaptiQ is designed to ensure that solar parks are capable of easily interacting with tomorrow’s smart grids.

It aids to increase the value of power injected on the market by using and providing day-ahead or intra-day forecasting, to visualize the reactive and active energy, the power factor and harmonic distortions of the energy injected into the grid for better interaction with grid operators.