Best use of available space


These inverters can also be supplied without an AC output cabinet (version NAC) to make the best use of available space in the technical rooms in which they are housed. A key feature of these inverter models is their high performance, achieving values of up to 98.5 percent in the case of the Ingecon Sun 625HE TL model, whilst their modular design as independent electronic blocks provides increased system availability, should any incidents occur, and ease of maintenance.

Furthermore, the Ingecon Sun Smart TL three-phase transformerless inverter family (from ten to 18 kilowatts) now features a new lightweight housing and attractive design. With a voltage input range from 125 to 550 Volts, the Ingecon Sun Smart TL completes the Ingeteam PV product range by offering a versatile, lightweight model, suitable for outdoor use (IP65 housing). Its three independent MPPT trackers provide optimum performance in installations with different PV array orientations.