Compact offer


The Sunmaster CS30 will be the most compact inverter in its power class. As with all Mastervolt devices, the CS30 also meets German requirements on the reactive power provision of inverters. The CS30 has a high efficiency of over 98.1 percent.

Two MPP trackers and a wide input voltage range (1,000 Volts) make the device remarkably versatile, allowing it to be employed in the most diverse projects. The inverter is equipped with an IP65-rated electronics compartment, which makes it suitable for outdoor installation and offers optimum protection against water and dust. A clear graphic display, with built-in 365-day data logger, furnishes performance information and data.

The CS30 comes with a watertight AC plug for quick, flexible installation. Integrated carrying handles and a bracket for wall mounting mean that safe, easy installation is guaranteed. Moreover, the ventilation module can be removed, making it easy to clean.