For slopes and flat roofs


The Tau mounting system can be installed on all common trapezoidal roofs and is suitable for framed or unframed modules and for installation upright or sideways. The manufacturer says the essential component is a profiled rail that can be fastened to the trapezoidal roof with a simple hooking technique. Suitable holders can be slid into the rail and positioned variably.

The framework is thus said to be able to equalize thermal stresses and irregularities on the roof. All static load-bearing components are made of aluminum and stainless steel and are corrosion-resistant. The company has developed the Lambda Light, a particularly light variant of its existing Lambda system, for flat roofs.

Because of its minimal roof loading, it’s suitable for thin plastic sheeting and lightweight roofs that can’t bear extra loads, and the roof doesn’t need to be penetrated. Many components are preassembled on the mounting system, so it can be assembled rapidly and with few tools.