New dry transformer


As such the stations can be used without exception in all European countries – some regional legal provisions stipulate these special transformers. The dry transformers are three phase dry resin encapsulated transformers, which have been designed, built and tested in accordance with current regulations and modern quality standards.

Voltwerk’s pre-assembled central inverter stations significantly reduce the planning required for large PV systems and are certified “type-approved” in accordance with IEC 62103 and EN 50178. Performance and noise levels of the ventilation system are TÜV type approved.

The stations are available in nine performance classes from 400 kW to 1.2 MW output and are factory fitted with all the components required for operation including the highly efficient central inverters of the VC series with an integrated generator coupling box, a redundant ventilation system and Voltwerk’s VM touch monitoring system. If required, the stations can easily and cheaply be adapted to meet location and customer requirements.