New version of planning tool


The new version 1.2.4 of the Sizer has even more features to help system planners design the optimum PV system. According to the company, the software requires very little input to produce a technically expedient solution for the inverter process flow for a given number of modules.

The Voltwerk Sizer 1.2.4 has access to 6,000 current module types, with which the user can plan a system. The database is updated at least once a year. Once you have input the system parameters such as module type, location, angle of inclination, and so on, the Voltwerk Sizer calculates the optimum system configuration and the display options for the Voltwerk inverters.

The results are easy to print in a user-friendly format. The Expert mode gives you a detailed analysis of all combinations of the inverter types with your selected module type. The Expert mode also permits variation in the number of modules per string, the number of strings per inverter, different layout temperatures and AC/DCs. Voltwerk Sizer 1.2.4 is a fully operational planning tool that does not require any particular previous knowledge.