Next generation of power


With a new, highly efficient ASIC chipset and 32 percent lower part count, the new power optimizer is not only 40 percent smaller in volume, but also boasts world record efficiency. Selection of cutting-edge components and improved dynamic control are combined with a new MPPT algorithm that dynamically tracks the global maximum operating point for both modules and inverter, enabling maximum power optimizer efficiency of 99.5 percent, (98.8 percent EU weighted efficiency).

This ensures peak system performance in both mismatched and unshaded conditions. Another product to be launched at Intersolar is the SolarEdge Smart Monitoring Combiner Box with Ground Fault Detection and Interruption (GFDI). The string combiner cabinet with internal disconnect per string, provides safety, performance monitoring and control for commercial and utility-scale PV sites.

Up to 64 strings are connected to each cabinet and individually monitored and disconnected. Ground fault detection per string ensures high resolution fault detection, isolation, and localization to a virtual site map in a web-based application.