No more cables


In the latest firmware version the developers have also been able to considerably simplify installation and configuration, as well as connection to the data network. "Easy Installation" is the name given by Solare Datensysteme to this innovative function, which is primarily intended for use in smaller and mid-sized house installations with up to five inverters.

If all of the cables leading to the inverters and data network are correctly connected, the program that is pre-installed in the Solar-Log automatically analyzes the connected devices when first switched on and configures the Solar-Log accordingly. This works for all of the popular inverters, for example from Danfoss, Kaco, Kostal, SMA and many others.

A LED signal shows the respective status of the installation process. It is not necessary for the installer to manually take any action or configure the device on location; this is possible, however. Once connected the device also automatically registers itself on Solar-Log WEB, the internet portal for monitoring and evaluating the recorded yield data from any web-enabled computer.