Photo opportunity


The company states that the dynamic simulation program for the design and yield calculation of grid connected and stand-alone photovoltaic systems will feature Photo Plan, an integrated photo dimensioning program. With a photo of the customer’s house, the roof and the planned PV system can be presented photorealistically, providing all the essential dimensions.

In addition to the photorealistic presentation of PV systems, PV*SOL Pro 4.5 will include the climate data module MeteoSyn with 8000 global climate records. MeteoSyn is a convenient tool making it easy to select locations from a map. The interpolation of new sites from existing sites is also possible.

All products in the PV*SOL range include extensive and well-maintained module and inverter databases with data for around 7,100 modules and 1,700 inverters. The automatic update function ensures that the databases are continuously updated and expanded. The module and inverter data is maintained online by the component manufacturers. The data is then reviewed by Valentin Software and made regularly available to PV*SOL users via the update function.

PV*SOL is a multilingual program offering the choice of five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. The corresponding user manual is also provided in all five languages.