Shifting the limits


The recently integrated datalogger function enables the display to monitor up to 15 inverters. In addition, the logged data can be exported via Fronius Solar.access, an intelligent software program that is used to record, store and analyse system data on a PC. The device will be on sale from the mid-2011.

The Fronius String Control 100/12 will also be introduced this time round. Up to 12 strings can be combined in this device on one DC main line. The string currents are continuously compared via two measuring channels. Malfunctions in the system caused, for example, by shadows or even a cable break can therefore be detected quickly and reliably.

The ability to install a DIN rail-mounted over-voltage protector and the current carrying capacity of up to 100 Amperes mean that maximum levels of protection are provided. The devices can be used indoors and outdoors without the need for an additional wall bracket. The new Fronius String Control 100/12 is expected to be available from May 2011.