Smart fastening cuts ballast


Depending on the location, the system weighs less than ten kilograms per square meter, much lighter than conventional installation systems. It can be installed on any flat plastic sheeting roof with a slope of up to three degrees.

The manufacturer says the special feature of the system is its fastening, as the substructure is assembled on the roof with a combination of ballasting and welding to the roofing strips. The welding also absorbs horizontally acting wind-pressure forces. Since only vertically acting forces have to be absorbed, ballasting can be reduced.

The back of the system is sealed by a wind-deflector plate that reduces wind-suction force on the array. The modules are fastened with transversely laid mounting rails. No longitudinal connectors are required for installation, so rainwater can run off unhindered. Doing without row connectors makes row spacing variable, facilitating integration on roofs with pre-existing structures or lightning protection systems. The installation system is scheduled to go on sale from July 2011.