The kit


With the aleo KIT_3000, operators of a photovoltaic system can profit quite simply by the high tariff rates for building-integrated installations according to the company. In the simple, flexible modular system, the aleo modules, a high quality inverter and the assembly system are all carefully matched.

This solar energy package contains all components required for installing a three kilowatt-peak photovoltaic system that is integrated into the roof. Sixteen high-output aleo S_16 modules are at the heart of this PV unit according to the company. The SMA Sunny Boy 3000 inverter as well as lightning protection are also part of the solar package. SOLRIF, a stable mounting system that enables easy and rapid integration of the unit into the roof is also offered. This true in-roof system allows its operators to profit from the higher feed-in tariff.

A new ten-year product guarantee for aleo modules has enabled the company to create a safe package with a long useful life as the company states. All components have been tried and tested in practical applications for many years. The Avis Technique of the CSTB for the aleo Kit_3000 is in preparation.