The Polysun


The company provides software for heat pumps, solar thermal, photovoltaic and cooling systems. Daily work is eased with the time-saving software which allows for reliable yield forecasts which include worldwide weather data and interpolation for user-defined locations.

Hassle-free enhancement of new and existing systems is offered as well. Output of all information required for any subsidy application can be generated as well according to the company. Thanks to its easy-to-use definition as well as yield and economic viability calculation features, Polysun Photovoltaic Software provides users with flexibility in the design of PV systems.

Polysun enables the user to figure out solar yields and energy savings and get an accurate cost analysis in a matter of minutes. All results are summarized in clear and detailed PDF-reports. The company allows the design of an ideal system in three steps: selecting worldwide weather data, dimensioning the system and result evaluation.