Thin film with high performance ratio


The C series (30 Volts) and the F series (70 Volts) have both been certified under IEC61646 and IEC61730 by TÜV Rhineland and have an output of 120 to 140 watts. A revised cell layout is said to minimize the hot spots that can occur when the light reaching the solar module is uneven, causing local overheating at cell level.

The modules have already been installed in a 900-kilowatt system, where they achieved a performance ratio of around 92 percent. Performance ratio indicates the ratio between an array’s useful yield and its target yield. The manufacturer says crystalline modules only achieve a ratio of 70 to 80 percent.

The thin film modules measure 1,100 by 1,300 millimeters, are 6.8 millimeters thick without a junction box, and weigh 23 kilograms. These amorphous low-voltage modules have been on sale worldwide since last year. They are suitable for the grid-connected domain and for off-grid systems with twelve and 24-volt batteries.