Warranty check


The new service offered by the company covers assembly and product defects and reduced output of a solar power plant for the entire warranty period. The warranty check includes the final plant inspection on location and the laboratory investigation of individual modules. The result will be helpful for plant operators to enforce claims upon manufacturers and installers before the warranty service period expires. Until now, final plant inspections have only been conducted directly after the commissioning.

During the final plant inspection, the engineers check the photovoltaic plant optically and metrologically on location. In addition to making a visual test of the installation as well as of the components used, the experts do a large scale thermography measurement. High resolution infrared images reveal damages to inverters or modules, which cannot be detected by any other measurement procedure.

This way, for example, hotspots can be localised, which would lead to yield losses if otherwise not discovered. In addition, the Solarschmiede employees measure the characteristic curves of the modules. Through this, defects in the switches, defective modules or improper deviations in the output of the individual strings can be identified.

If power losses are detected during the tests, Solarschmiede conducts laboratory tests subsequently such as flash tests and electroluminescence measurements for defect analysis. Customers who take advantage of the warranty check receive the entire service range with very short processing times according to the company.