Yield increase of up to 36 percent


According to mp-tec, the elevation angle of the module platform can be set precisely to the last degree without refitting. The module frame, which can be adjusted through two bearing points, has an inclination of ten to 35 degrees. mp-tec calculated that the Skytrap plus enables a yield increase of up to 36 percent compared to a static installation.

Thus the system enhances efficiency to almost the same level as a two-axis system would reach. Skytrap plus is available with an optoelectronic control system or an astronomical GPS control unit, which can be equipped with an optional back-tracking function.

The system includes an overload protected motor, a maintenance-free polymer bearing, and a high-performance linear drive. It can withstand high wind speeds up to 12 Beaufort and it is suitable for areas with temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius and down to minus 25 degrees Celsius.