Edwards' new GXS series


The new series, developed by Edwards, has been optimized for solar laminator applications. The new GXS series apparently delivers higher throughput and productivity, while at the same time providing a lower cost of ownership according to the company. The lower cost is enabled by the pumps’ low running power.

Chamber purge speeds are 450 and 750 cubic meters per hour respectively for the models and have been optimized to deliver rapid vacuum performance required for high throughput solar lamination processes, while at the same time offering robust performance, low maintenance, long service intervals and advanced temperature control, according to Edwards.

The GXS pumps have a low running power, reducing costs and thereby also the environmental footprint. An optional booster package is also available to further enhance process chamber evacuation times and reduce the lamination cycle time.

The closed-loop temperature control prevents pump fouling. As with all Edwards’ dry pumps, the absence of oil eliminates the cost of the oil itself, as well as the downtime, labor and disposal costs associated with required oil changes, as the company states.

Stand: A1/B25