Habdank extends product range


With the mounting system Habdank TR, the company has developed a very solid, easy-to-install mounting solution for the most varied roofs with corrugated or trapezoidal sheet roofing in steel and aluminium sheets. The mounting system can be used on the most diverse styles of roof as well as on vertical faces and impresses with easy handling, high processing speeds and a secure hold, according to the company.

The Habdank TR system that will be on display at the 26th EU PVSEC in Hamburg is an economical and fast mounting solution on trapezoidal sheets of 0.75 millimeters thickness.

Framed and unframed modules with the standard attachment of six to 50 millimeters can be processed inexpensively here without any trouble with one and the same system. Thanks to the flexible installation option of the modules in horizontal or vertical format, the criteria specified by the manufacturer for the arrangement and mounting of the modules and clipping points can already be taken into account during planning.

The Habdank TR system also offers the option to change individual modules, thereby saving time, without having to remove adjacent modules. Depending on building or roof geometry and building height, the fastening system is designed for wind loads of up to zone four and snow loads up to zone two (ground snow load 175 kilogram/square meter).

The Habdank TR system has the DIN 1055-4 for wind loads up to Zone 4 and the DIN 1055-5 for snow loads up to Zone 2a. In line with the new motto of ‘complete PV service from one source,’ customers can expect comprehensive HABDANK service with the new roof system upon request. Planning, static calculation and fast roof system mountings by trained specialists is offered by the company.

Stand: B7/B37