JA Solar showcases new generation of cells and modules


Mono-crystalline SECIUM cells can achieve a conversion efficiency of up to 19.2 percent while poly-crystalline Maple cells can achieve up to 18.2 percent. Both products are already in volume production and are available for immediate shipment in large quantities.

The new SECIUM 260W PV module product features sixty six-inch mono-crystalline SECIUM cells, while the SECIUM 300W PV module has a 72-cell format. The Maple 250W module uses JA Solar’s newly developed Maple poly-crystalline solar cell in a sixty-cell format.

According to the company, modules incorporating the new cells generate approximately ten percent more power than conventional polycrystalline modules, enabling a lower weight-per-area ratio and reduction of balance-of-system and installation costs per watt.

Stand: B6/C26