Komax Solar's new EL tester range


Komax Solar’s new X2 stringer and GL30 layup, the Xinspect 3500ic string tester, can combine three different results: electroluminescence, backlight inspection and IV-curve measurement for robust decision making whether to reject the string or not.

The result is transferred to the robot system for further processing. The main advantage for such a system, as the company states, is to track the bad strings at the earlier stage of the manufacturing process and before putting them on the glass.

For the segment of module testing, the standard Xinspect 2000ic offers automatic decision based electroluminescence test for a 50 MW line. The Xinspect 4500ic offers EL and IV-curve measurement together with automatic decision for a 100 MW line. All intermediate configurations remain possible.

Komax Solar also states that it has implemented the IV-curve measurement as an option for many of its company’s testers. The string tester Xinspect 1000s and Module tester Xinspect 2000s/2000i provide the solution to test PV production with electroluminescence for budgets lower than 50,000 euros.

Komax is able to provide customers with prices from 30,000 to 150,000 euros, resolution from one millimeters to 0.11 millimeters per pixel, stand alone or in-line, with automatic defect detection or not, based on electroluminescence, IV-curve as well as backlight inspection.

Stand: A1/A12