Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum introduces Turbovac Magintegra


The magnetically levitated turbo molecular pumps feature high pumping speed and gas throughput for faster pump down time to improve equipment life cycles as the company states. The new five-axis active magnetic bearing and drive system combines highest reliability and efficient operation according to Oerlikon.

To meet the protective class IP54 in the solar industry, the Turbovac Magintegra has high robustness for industrial environments. The pumps are suitable for sputtering of TCOs and for CIGS operations as the company states.

The performance data shows that the pumps have best pumping speed in their class for all necessary gases (argon, hydrogen, helium and nitrogen). The highlights include a fully integrated converter and power supply eliminating conventional rack-mounted controller and interconnecting cables.

The flexible design with controller position either on the side or on the bottom to enable easy integration is available. The Turbovac Magintegra is insensitive against process particles and powders and tolerant to sudden inrush of air. The company also claims a low cost of ownership.