Phoenix Solar’s TectoFlat system


Roof penetration can be avoided through an intelligent system connecting up the module rows, and the load is spread evenly across the roof. The system boasts an aerodynamic design and optimized ballast guarantee stability for wind load zones with a rating of up to three.

The majority of the components are magnesium-aluminum-zinc coated steel, which keeps the costs low. The ground joint is made of UV-resistant plastic, guarantees that the load is evenly spread over a large surface area, and is suitable for all standard roof materials. Pre-assembled components and an ergonomic installation concept simplify and accelerate the mounting process.

A particularly special feature of the system is its variability: all standard framed solar modules and laminates (frameless modules) of First Solar and MiaSolé can be used. The company says the optimized materials use results in a price difference of up to 50 percent.

Stand: B5/B21