Solutronic introduces SOLPLUS+


The SOLPLUS+ is the communication program for evaluating, receiving and transmitting data output by the SOLPLUS family of solar inverters. Its user-friendly graphical user interface lets the user monitor all kinds of PV installation quickly and easily. Not only the entire contents of the yield memory but those of the data logger too can be displayed graphically.

SOLPLUS+ also allows the user to configure all relevant inverter settings in the same way as they can via the display. SOLPLUS+ can be adapted to the requirements of the various types of user group. The company furthermore states that SOLPLUS+ integrates all the special functions Solutronic inverters have to offer.

Evaluation of a sensor integrated into the system can be displayed graphically, as too can personal energy consumption as recorded by the S0 meter connected. The program can be used to retrieve data from installations that are connected directly by means of a PC (serial connection with USB adapter), a RS485 data network, modem (analogue or GSM) or Ethernet (TCP/IP).

Solutronic recommends remote retrieval of inverter data via TCP/IP. Thanks to the Ethernet port built into all the company’s inverters as a standard feature, all that’s necessary to read out all the data of an unlimited number of inverters, as often as the user wants, is access to the World Wide Web.

Depending on what the end customer wants to use the software for, Solutronic offers three different versions of SOLPLUS+. The free version of SOLPLUS+ offers end customers a quick overview of their installation. SOLPLUS+ Standard can also be upgraded by purchasing the SOLPLUS+ Comfort package. SOLPLUS+ Comfort allows the user to manage any number of installations with Solutronic inverters. SOLPLUS+ Comfort also incorporates a server function in order to make management of several installations as simple as possible.

This then automatically reads out and saves the data of selected installations at times stipulated by the customer. Prerequisite for this function is that the PC remains switched on and the program is started in the background. Solutronic recommends that customers set the frequency with which they retrieve such data in line with the cost structure of the connections between the installations.

SOLPLUS+ Professional is the software version for trained dealers and fitters, in which not only the monitoring of installations and all SOLPLUS+ Comfort functions are enabled, but additional service and monitoring tools, too.