Trident: 2 new inkjet products


A new single step, jettable material that performs both as an etchant and dopant will be on display.

The material is used as a precursor to screen printing of contacts. This efficient and effective removal of the anti-reflective top layer allows for maximum contact between silver contacts and silicon. It then works as an n-dopant as it penetrates the silicon emitter directly below the contacts.This combination of etchant and dopant can create up to a 0.5 percent increase in solar cell efficiency according to Trident Solar.

Additionally, Trident Solar will also be introducing the new industrial inkjet printhead that features a lifetime of up to a year, which the company states is up to twelve times longer than alternative inkjet printheads.

The new printhead provides precision performance with contact line widths as narrow as 50 microns. The industrial inkjet printhead is specially designed for optimum performance in non-contact printing of a wide variety of acid and alkaline etchants and conductive materials for direct write, printable photovoltaic production processes.