China: STSIC polysilicon and solar cell plans progressing


The first phase will see the Chinese state company, headquartered in Shaanxi Province, produce 1,250 metric tons (MT) of semiconductor quality polysilicon annually. In order to achieve this, centrotherm "prepared the factory concept, developed the process flow, accompanied the project through the planning and implementation stages, delivered the key equipment (reactors and converters), and started up the system together with the customer."

The second phase, currently being undertaken, will see annual polysilicon capacity ramped up to 3,000 MT and will involve "state-of-the-art 24-pair reactor technology".

At the same time, STSIC will manufacture ingots and cells. The company reportedly achieved "First ingot out" in mid-2011 on a centrotherm multicrystalline ingot furnace, and is now planning to install two solar cell production lines, at a total annual capacity of 60 megawatts.

In a statement released, centrotherm added, "The two companies will meanwhile optimize processes further and bolster research and development into cutting energy consumption."

A spokesperson for centrotherm told pv magazine that no further details were available regarding when the polysilicon or cells and ingots will be produced.