Germany: Juwi unveils PV projects worth 70 MW


The first, a 25 MW system located in Georgsdorf, Lower Saxony, was completed and inaugurated in May. Comprised of a total of 106,000 polycrystalline modules, it is expected to generate enough energy to supply approximately 6,000 households.

Meanwhile, juwi has just begun construction on a second project, worth 25 MW and located in Elmenhorst, Schleswig-Holstein at a former military barracks.

The German solar company is also working on a third photovoltaic project in Ronneburg, Thuringia. When complete, the 20 MW system will comprise 82,000 modules. Manfred Böhme, mayor of Ronneburg commented, "Luckily, the nuclear age is coming to an end. The future belongs to renewable energies. Projects, such as the one in Ronneburg, do not only drive the energy turnaround forward, they also create value on a local level."

No further details were available.