Additional products introduced


The string inverter line, the PVS300 is an all-in-one package that now complements with KNX building automation compatibility. This gives true integration of PV power plant monitoring and diagnostics, as well as visualization of the plant data in the building automation systems.

ABB is also offering services on a global scale for ABB solar inverters allowing customers to focus on their core business. ABB supports solar inverter customers in more than 60 countries and provides a complete range of life cycle services. ABB’s solar inverter care contract aims to maintain the inverter for up to 20 years.

Additionally, the company displayed its Megawatt station, the PWS800-MWS, a turnkey solution that includes a new larger 1.25 MW size. The PWS800-MWS self-contained unit that houses all electrical equipment needed to rapidly and easily connect a PV power plant to a medium voltage (MV) electricity grid. Moreover, remote monitoring solutions for the central and string inverters to enable configuration and diagnosis of PV systems from a distance were also to be seen.