An array of products


The Danfoss SolarApp on mobile phone or on the CLX portal allows access to production data anywhere at anytime. The CLX GM product range is fully compliant with the grid requirements of the EEG 2012.

The next product is the EP-Grid. The EP-Grid is a plant controller with closed loop control for distribution net operator (DNO) interaction regarding power level adjustment (PLA) and reactive power control. All kinds of DNO signals and communication protocols are supported. Direct grid measurement at the grid connection point is enabled and medium and high voltage is supported.

The third product on offer is the Ground Voltage Control (GVC). The GVC is an add-on for the Danfoss transformerless three-phase string inverters. Thanks to the GVC, the voltage level between DC and ground from up to 100 inverters can be adjusted. The virtual grounding enables sensitive thin film modules and modules with back side contacted cells to be used together with Danfoss transformerless string inverters.