Beta version of Powador PV-pilot


Powador PV-pilot is geared equally towards professionals and novices. For example, as a system operator, if the customer only wants to look into the possible rate of return, they can simply use Quick Mode, then enter two items of information for a projected yield. They are also given an estimated performance ratio of which a value from 70 to 80 percent is considered very good. If customers would like to compare options, they simply save the current design and start with the next one. In Expert Mode, customers can adjust the automatic design to meet individual requirements.

If customers are used to KACOCALC Pro and wish to manually wire the PV generator and inverters, they can start with Classic Mode. Powador PV-Pilot has a combination of up to four sub-generators with different modules and module areas in a single project. It also offers an unrestricted combination of sub-generators with any number of inverters and up to three different inverter types.