Compact and easy


The HaWi PV-Manager is a compact, easy to install, all-in-one solution, as the company says. It additionally guarantees an increased and optimized self consumption of the produced solar energy – at a reasonable cost. According to the company, the HaWi PV-Manager increases self consumption by approximately 70 percent, it is compatible with all photovoltaic technologies, and it is completely pre-configured including electrical peripherals, switches and controllers.

Furthermore, the PV-Manager can easily be monitored and administered via the Internet. Two independent inputs and MPP trackers enable maximum yield and the highest flexibility in system configuration, as HaWi states. The system is available in five kW versions and stored energy during blackouts is assured allowing grid independence.

Inclusive is also an AGM lead acid battery system with optimal operating safety and matched with a five kWh battery capacity. An improved life cycle is offered. The company also states that there are growing financial benefits for the end user thanks to the PV-Manager. Switching and security elements are also inclusive.