New milestone


With an output of 100 kW, the three-phase device is ideal for industrial or commercial photovoltaic systems. Despite its high output, the 830 kg inverter is one of the most compact devices in its class. The maximum efficiency rating of 97.2 percent guarantees the highest yield levels, the company says. The Fronius Agilo is compatible with Fronius DATCOM, the data communication system for PV system monitoring. Pre-production testing has already begun to ensure stringent quality standards are met.

The Fronius String Control 250/30 is also new and ensures that strings are monitored around the clock by continuously comparing string currents. Up to 30 strings can be combined in this device on one DC main line. A special base facilitates outdoor installation. The separate DC supply permits system monitoring at distances of more than 100 meters from the string collection (modules) to the inverter. Another advantage is that no special tool is required for installation.

The Fronius String Control 250/30 is compatible with the relevant Fronius DATCOM components. Fronius is offering a special service package for the Fronius Agilo inverter. From commissioning support, extended warranties and professional, low-cost and prompt maintenance through to guaranteed availability, the package covers everything and is available in various configurations.