New Power-One microinverters


Key differentiators include a broader DC input voltage range with a maximum of 65 volts, an extended maximum power point (MPP) DC voltage range as well as best-in-class efficiency ratings of up to 96.5 percent. A rugged outdoor enclosure and HF isolation allows fitting any application requiring grounding of either of the input terminations. The microinverter is electrolyte-free to further increase its lifetime. Power-One’s micro-inverters can also be linked to the internet with the AURORA CDD.

The AURORA PVI-400.0-TL is a new generation of modular inverter, which is an evolution of Power-One’s previous central inverters. Due to the 67 kW modular structure, an extremely scalable modular inverter system can be obtained with a wide range of rated power including 134, 200, 267, 334 and 400 kW. Like the previous version, each inverter module can be configured in multi-master for up to six independent maximum power point tracking (MPPT) or in master-slave mode with a single MPPT, to improve energy harvest in case of module failure or mismatching phenomena.

Each inverter is equipped with a number of protections such as DC input protection, overvoltage protection devices and AC breakers. According to the company, the inverter reaches 98 percent of peak and 97 percent of EU efficiency. It also fulfills all the necessary EU requirements for grid safety such as BDEW.