Next generation premium modules


The new generation will offer higher, sorted power ratings and greater yield security, as the company says. The new ‘innoframe’ frame design improves stability, while allowing a 30 percent higher packing density of modules on the pallet.

Despite measuring only 35 millimeters in height, the ‘innoframe’ is extremely rigid. It successfully passed load tests under the IEC 61215 standard, withstanding an increased load of 5,400 pascals. This design, according to Solar-Fabrik, lowers shipping costs by 15 percent.

All module types in the Premium and Premium incell series will be available with higher power ratings. The 60 cell Premium L mono, for example, will be offered with power ratings from 250 to 265 Wp, and in future will also be available in a mono black version (up to 255 Wp). The smaller 48-cell Premium XM mono black is available with power ratings of between 190 and 205 Wp. The new Premium L module weighs just 21.5 kg, instead of 24 kg.