Smart and strong


The PowerMax SMART and PowerMax STRONG will be the highlights. The SMART modules are specially developed for large, commercial rooftop systems and open spaces. The CIS module has no frames and is light at 16 kilograms.

It is available between 110 and 135 watts at nominal power levels. The mounting profile also makes it suitable for smaller roofs. Avancis uses a mounting profile with two backrails allowing maximum mechanical loads, as the company says, making it suitable for heavy snow loads and extremely steep inclinations. Angles of less than five percent are not said to be an issue.

The STRONG range is specially developed for rooftop applications, but is also suitable for open space facilities and as facade solutions. The STRONG modules are framed CIS modules that are safely and securely mounted using a black hollow chamber aluminum frame with a mounting lip. The modules can carry up to 551 kg/m². They are also resistant to ammonia and salt mist corrosion.