Smart consumption


The system is mounted between grid and household power lines. E3/DC says the local energy provider must install a bidirectional energy counter and the system is ready to operate. The system provides for billing the self-consumption and the energy feed-in to enable country-specific cash refunding. Additional energy balances, time-wise and flow-wise, can be operated, shown and stored.

The inverter technology and the storage system are packaged together and the simple installation does not need any extra wiring modifications. The inverter unit connects the PV system and grid cables, and an intelligent energy detection system adjusts the load for all electrical appliances in the household. Opening the cover allows customers to view the switch cabinet and see the self-consumption and feed-in meters.

The battery is designed to be recharged daily, discharges electric cycles and stores the energy necessary for non-daylight consumption. The complete unit is accessible via the internet and a smart phone. For small businesses, the S30 is also available.