Solar glass


The tailor-made production line for the solar glass is key to this achievement, as the company says. This allows Ducatt to produce thermally toughened glass as thin as two mm, free of any residual waviness. And as it is only two mm thick, it has all the extra benefits of being lighter. Ducatt is also developing, in parallel, an anti-reflective coating for the glass.

This will then allow a transparency of up to 95 percent. The ultra-clear patterned solar glass, DUC, is available in matt/matt or prismatic/matt pattern options. Thicknesses range from four to two mm. The light transmittance is more than 91.5 percent and the energy transmittance is the same. The sizes are a minimum of 540 by 600 mm and a maximum of 1,700 by 2,600 mm.