The new PIKO


The new performance class is a particularly smart connection covering the gap between the PIKO 5.5 and PIKO 8.3. With its three-phase, symmetrical feed-in, the PIKO 7.0 also provides the multiple phase feed-in required of this performance class in many parts of Europe. Thanks to the wide DC input voltage range (180 to 950 V), the PIKO 7.0 offers many possible system configurations and guarantees feed-in, even in weak light conditions.

The two independent MPP trackers ensure maximum yield and flexibility in system planning – especially if roofs are facing in different directions or have different inclines. Like all other PIKO inverters, the PIKO 7.0 also features a wide range of integrated communication and monitoring options as standard.

For a simple installation the PIKO 7.0 is pre-configured and certified for most countries in Europe. During the 2nd quarter of 2012 the string inverters PIKO 7.0, PIKO 8.3 and PIKO 10.1 of KOSTAL Solar Electric will be available with arc detection. These already detect arcs in their development phase and remove them.