The Off-Grid Configurator


The Off-Grid Configurator is an intuitive software that analyzes every design aspect, from sizing the PV array to preparing a final cost analysis, thereby providing the user with comprehensive planning assistance that saves time and reduces costs.

The exact level of assistance provided by the Off-Grid Configurator is decided by the user. Project details (such as location data, consumption and AC/DC system components) can be manually defined or selected from the software’s comprehensive databases of location-specific climate information, prefabricated load profiles, PV modules, inverters and batteries. The intuitive software then presents an optimal system configuration, designs the generator operation, and determines the ideal combination of Sunny Island battery-based inverters. Using this data, a system simulation is performed and a financial analysis is prepared to calculate the system’s cost effectiveness.

All results are displayed graphically and can be printed as Microsoft Excel or Word documents or as a PDF. The Off-Grid Configurator is the latest addition to SMA’s North American off-grid product line, which includes the U.S. series of Sunny Island inverters and the recently introduced SMA Multicluster Box.