Transformerless central inverters


Each inverter is constructed using multiple standard 145 kVA or 175 kVA modules. Based on a stable design, the company’s inverter modules are mass produced for both industrial and PV applications. Emerson’s systems include the multi-master concept with Intelligent Inverter Management (IIM) to control the active and standby status of each inverter module.

Modularity achieved through the Emerson multi-master architecture allows the active inverter capacity to be automatically scaled to optimize energy efficiency for all conditions and allows the system to begin generating sooner in low light conditions. The result is that Emerson SPV inverters achieve up to 98.1 percent peak efficiency and greater than 98 percent Euro ? measured in accordance with IEC 61683.

The active and standby duty for each module is rotated so that generating capacity is shared and inverter life extended. Emerson’s unique Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm is optimized for accuracy for both crystalline and thin film solar panels. The system is able to adapt rapidly to fast moving weather conditions across a wide temperature range.