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Steca will premier their new solar charge controller for off-grid systems which provides optimal control. Steca will present the completely new Steca Tarom 245 solar charge controller, which will be introduced to the market at the end of 2012. It is a further development of the proven Steca charge controller and is ideal for use in telecommunication systems or hybrid photovoltaic systems.

The new device is available in 12 V/24 V and 48 V versions and rated at 45 A. Among other new features it now has a new backlit LC display with graphics capability. In addition to dawn, nighttime and evening lighting functions, this further development also offers time-based switching. This allows weekday programming and also the programming of special times. Up to four different timers per device are possible. At the PV grid-feeding stand the company will also present the new StecaGrid 8000+ 3ph and StecaGrid 10000+ 3ph inverters.

Further developments meet the demands of the new low voltage directives regarding the provision of reactive power, which can be fed specifically to maintain static voltage. A new feature is the integrated backlit LCD that visualizes all relevant values of the system. This allows continuous monitoring of the data on energy yields, current performance and operating parameters.