Dyesol: Coolest company in Australia


The awards recognise companies that are doing things differently to bring about positive change and highlights the achievements of impressive and novel organisations.

Dyesol is officially Australia’s Coolest Company for a number of reasons including its development and application of Dye Solar Cell technology and its vision to take photosynthesis beyond plants to revolutionise how the world manufactures energy.

"The Cool Company Finalists are among the most impressive businesses in Australia today. But that alone doesn’t make them ‘Cool.’ They can be amazing, innovative, one-of-a-kind," said James Tuckerman, Anthill Magazine founder.

"Judging takes into account far more than mere business variables, such as revenue and wealth. The criteria are geared to consider other qualities, from the disruptive nature of the product or service to the culture of the organisation."

Richard Caldwell, Dyesol’s Executive Chairman said: "Dyesol is an Australian solar company seeking to make a fundamental difference to the way energy is generated and consumed on the Planet through the integration of its revolutionary solid-state Dye Solar Cell technology into the building envelope. The Coolest Company in Australia Award for 2013 will fuel our ambitions to make this a global commercialisation success."

And the good news doesn’t stop there. In addition, the Chairman of Dyesol’s Technical Advisory Board Dr. Michael Graetzel has received two awards in the last week, the first is the highly renowned Marcel Benoist Prize and the second is the Leigh Ann Conn Prize for Renewable Energy from the University of Louisville, Kentucky U.S.A.

In the US, Dr. Graetzel has won the $50,000 Leigh Ann Conn Prize for Renewable Energy for merging nanoscience with photoconversion to develop the dye-sensitised solar cell (DSC), also known as the ‘Graetzel cell’. DSCs are potentially easier and less costly to produce than silicon-based solar cells. Dr Graetzel was recognised for an outstanding renewable energy idea and achievement with global impact.

"Dr. Graetzel is the international leader in making solar energy more efficient, practical and affordable. The University of Louisville values his research, and we are proud that he is the first winner of the Leigh Ann Conn Prize,” said University of Louisville President James Ramsey.

Dr. Graetzel is also the recipient of the Marcel Benoist Prize 2013, commonly known as the ‘Swiss Nobel Prize,’ awarded to scientists for "the most useful scientific discovery or study, in particular in disciplines which are of significance for human life."

The Marcel Benoist Prize, the oldest scientific award in Switzerland, has come to be regarded as the Swiss Confederation’s highest recognition for outstanding achievements in the sciences and the humanities.