Off-grid weekly digest


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Battery manufacturer Saft has been awarded a USD $10 million contract to supply its product to the Dukhan oilfield in Qatar. The deal, announced by press release, will reportedly see Saft deploy around 40,000 of its batteries across 775 wells in the oilfield.

Addis Fortune reported that German company Fechtner has been tasked by the government of Ethiopia with delivering a study looking at potential off-grid investment in the country. The first draft of the study has already been delivered to the Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Energy, and is aimed at implemented a strategy to allow the private sector to become involved in the production and sale of electricity.

The International Energy Agency’s Photovoltaic Power Systems Program released PV Systems for Rural Health Facilities in Developing Areas, a report that looked at PV systems for health facilities. Cogeneration and Onsite Power Magazine reported that the study had found that off-grid solar systems were the best option for small facilities while hybrid systems were better suited for medium-and-large facilities.

India has a potential market of RS 4,000m (USD $639.3 million) to Rs 5,000 (USD $799.6 million) crore for off-grid solar, according to Zee News, quoting Tarun Kapoor, joint secretary of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Mr Kapoor’s remarks were reportedly made at a Solar Lantern Press Meet hosted by Panasonic in New Delhi. Mr Kapoor spoke also about the need to remove kerosene-lit lamps from households. Panasonic also announced at the press meet that it aimed to give away 16,000 lamps across Africa and Asia.

The West Australia Energy Ministry has admitted that solar, including off-grid solar, is to become ubiquitious across the landscape, according to remarks made following a speech that were then reported by Renew Economy. The electricity sector in Western Australia is reportedly in disarray, following heavy investment in fossil fuel-based resources that have been under- or non-utilised.


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