UK: Industry calls on government to reconsider FIT cuts


In yet another response to the U.K. government’s plans to drastically cut the country’s solar FIT by almost 90%, beginning next January, the Solar Trade Association (STA) and 44 other solar stakeholders, including Ikea, Panasonic, Greenpeace, Lightsource and Dupont, have issued a joint statement asking it to reconsider the changes, and to meet with industry.

Citing the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECCs) own figures, they point out that under the proposed cuts, over 20,000 renewable energy jobs could be lost. Acknowledging that subsidies are not a long term solution, they ask however that changes are made "with appropriate consultation with stakeholders in order to retain investor confidence and to allow for a smooth, stable transition towards grid-parity."

"It is vital to engage society meaningfully in making the shift to a low carbon system. As your own consultation recently said, ‘a key objective of the FIT scheme is to give people a direct stake in moving to a low carbon economy.’ The impressive momentum achieved by diverse communities to date must be accelerated, not curtailed, particularly as we head towards the crucial climate talks in Paris," read the statement.

"We urge you to meet with us and discuss how your concerns about value for money can be addressed by supporting a thriving local renewables industry in the UK," it continued.

Read the full statement.

On Monday, the country’s Renewable Energy Association (REA) also attacked the government’s plans, calculating that if the cuts are enacted, the HM Treasury will miss out on £94 million ($145 million).