Trina sets a new world record of 21.25% efficiency with multicrystalline silicon


Trina Solar continues to push the abilities of multicrystalline silicon, today announcing the first multi c-Si solar PV cell with an efficiency of over 21%.

The company’s State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of China has produced a new world record 21.25% efficient PV cell, as verified by Fraunhofer ISE.

The 156 square millimeter cell was fabricated on a p-type multicrystalline substrate, and integrates Trina’s Honey Plus technologies including back surface passivation and local back surface field.

This beats the previous record of 20.76%, which Trina set in late 2014. The company says that only low-cost industrial processes which can easily be integrated into high-volume production were used to fabricate the cell.