Sunvault Energy and Aboriginal Power Start Power Sales in Alberta


Selling recently began into commercial businesses through its professional sales team.

The accumulation of customers that has begun is in the commercial area but will soon extend to Aboriginal lands and exclusivity of the potential customer base wherever possible. The preliminary work to sign up larger numbers of residential customers has almost been completed. The Company has plans to accumulate those customers under one bulk billing arrangement wherever feasible.

"As a Single Purpose Power Utility, we intend to provide power at competitive prices and under bulk billing arrangements where additional savings can be had for those who reside or have businesses within First Nation territory lands," stated Gary Monaghan, CEO of Sunvault Energy.

The organization to get the power sales started has taken longer than the company expected, but the company is encouraged by recent efforts by its sales personnel in the commercial area.

The company has plans to reach approximately 10,000 customers in its first year of roll out and each combination of commercial and residential customer average when supplying both power and natural gas represents an approximate dollar value to the company of approx $1000 each or estimated total Gross revenue of $10,000,000 in the first twelve months.

Sunvault will continue to seek out additional infrastructure and project opportunities as they fit into the Company’s mandate and growth plans.