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PV in Africa helps people to save energy costs – but only if they can afford the investmet. maxx solar has set up a PV rent concept for a school for deaf children. This is just one of our four candidates chosen for the Installation Innovation Award – Europe, presented by Hanwha Q CELLS and pv magazine. The video pitches have been online for more than a week now, but for those who prefer to read about these innovations, we have put together here the most important information about each project and candidate.

For readers, we have set up an additional raffle. All you have to do is identify one correct answer among the four questions to be in with a chance of winning an iPhone 6.

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(Once you are confident you can correctly answer one of the four questions posed)

Candidate 1, maxx-Solar:

What does the school earn with the rented PV installation if the self consumtion rate is 90%?

(400, 800 or 1200 Euro)

the answer you can find here

Candidate 2, BIG:

How many containers are required to build an urban rigger?

(3, 6 or 9)

the answer you can find here

Candidate 3, Solartechnik Mitteldeutschland:

How much do the inhabitants of the 16 houses save thanks to the almost-autonomous mini smart grid?

(5% energy costs, 10% energy costs or 15% energy costs)

the answer you can find here

Candidate 4, Intellisol:

What percentage of the dealershipÂ’s energy use is covered by the Intellisol PV installation?

(70%, 85% or 100%)

the answer you can find here

If you haven’t yet voted to decide who should win the award, you still can do so here.

Voting is open until Friday evening, July 8.

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