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First Solar’s PV module tech completes 25 years of testing at NREL

“Determining how many years a solar panel will last can take, well, years.”


QuantumScape records breakthrough performance for solid-state batteries

QuantumScape reported performance results this week for its solid-state batteries and their potential impact on the electric vehicle industry.

PV module recycling could harm US solar industry

The PV industry can’t claim to be a clean energy source if it leaves a trail of hazardous waste.


US ‘aqueous air battery’ developer reveals investors in recent $76 million funding round

The holy grail of energy storage has always been low-cost and long-duration. Form Energy plans to deploy a 1 MW/150 MWh system with a Minnesota utility before 2023 – an unprecedented energy storage duration, if successful.


Aurora Solar raises $50 million to support remote PV sales, design

The investment underscores the critical role of software in driving the mainstream adoption of solar.


Bifacial PV modules no longer exempt from US Section 201 import tariffs

The U.S. authorities are currently subjecting imported bifacial modules to a 20% penalty – the same tariff applied to almost all other crystalline silicon solar modules.


Investors bet $27.5 million on Nanotech Energy’s graphene battery breakthrough

Nanotech Energy plans to release a non-flammable, environmentally friendly lithium battery that can charge “18 times faster than anything that is currently available on the market.” And it aims to do it within the next year.


Form Energy secures $70 million for ‘aqueous air battery’

Form Energy plans to deploy a 1 MW/150 MWh system with a Minnesota utility by 2023.


Equipment auction sounds final note for Hanergy-owned Alta Devices

If you’re interested in some lightly used MOCVD and PVD thin-film solar cell production equipment, have we got a deal for you.


Biden’s upcoming energy secretary decision stirs speculation

“We need a ‘deployment’ energy secretary,” Generate Capital President Jigar Shah said several years ago. “One who understands how entrepreneurs move from research to revenue. One who understands the difference between venture capital and project finance.”


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