QuantumScape records breakthrough performance for solid-state batteries


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After 10 secretive years, several hundred million dollars spent, and the efforts of hundreds of scientists and engineers, QuantumScape went public this week with performance results for its solid-state batteries and their potential impact on the electric vehicle industry.

In a world of breakthrough battery performance claims, QuantumScape seems closest to actually building better batteries. The company’s “anode-less” design and ceramic separator create a battery where an anode of metallic lithium is formed in situ when the finished cell is charged.

“The best battery scientists have tested our batteries in their labs – and we’re releasing test results for the first time,” said CEO Jagdeep Singh.

Performance data

Test conditions: The tested cells were single-layer pouch cells with zero excess lithium on the anode and thick cathodes – running at rates of 1 C charge and 1 C discharge at 30 C.

Fast charge: Performance testing show QuantumScape’s ceramic separators working at high rates of power that allow a 15-minute charge to 80% capacity. That’s beyond what any type of EV battery is capable of delivering – conventional or solid-state. Because there’s no dendrite formation, there’s no need to throttle back on charging.

CEO Jagdeep Singh claimed that the company's lithium-metal battery has an energy density exceeding 400 watt-hours per kilogram. “If you don’t use lithium metal at the anode, you can’t get energy density high enough,” Singh said.

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Zero excess lithium: The solid-state design eliminates the carbon or carbon/silicon anode and increases energy density because it uses no excess lithium on the anode.

Long life: According to the company, the firm’s battery technology is capable of running for over 800 cycles with greater than 80% capacity retention and is claimed to be “designed to last for hundreds of thousands of miles of driving.”

Low-temperature operation: The flexible ceramic separator operates down to -30 C, temperatures that make other battery designs fail.

Safety: QuantumScape’s solid-state separator is noncombustible and isolates the anode from the cathode, even at high temperatures.

While the panel of rock-star battery experts maintained a healthy skepticism about battery breakthroughs (and even cited that Edison quote), they did seem impressed by the QuantumScape numbers.

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