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Global Electronics Council releases new standard for ultra-low carbon PV panels

The Global Electronics Council has delivered standard inspection processes built upon models combining local power grid emissions and subcomponent energy needs to determine the embodied carbon footprint of globally manufactured solar panels.


Meyer Burger considering US solar cell production

Meyer Burger says it might launch US solar cell manufacturing, and is now in talks with Sunrun and Sunnova

Robotic pile driver faster than manual versions, says US startup

Built Robotics says its RPD 35 autonomous robotic pile driving system is three to five times faster than manual pile driving platforms.


Tesla Master Plan projects 3 TW of solar and 6.5 TWh of storage in US

Tesla releases its third Master Plan, with a broad focus on clean electricity generation and storage, as well as related manufacturing costs.


New software modeling tool for agrivoltaics

Sandbox Solar, a solar developer and US federal grant recipient, has released a beta version of its software modeling tool for agrivoltaic power plants. It supports the design and optimization of solar panels, as well as the crops underneath.


Used, resold PV module prices aligned with general market, says US supplier

EnergyBin has released its annual PV module price index, which shows that module prices have fallen from their 2022 peak – but they are still more expensive than they were in 2020.

Longi reveals plans to open 5 GW solar module factory in US market

Longi Solar is working with PV developer Invenergy to build a solar module manufacturing facility in the US state of Ohio.

Silicon Valley Bank financed 62% of US community solar

US Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) closed down Silicon Valley Bank last week after its share price plunged due to ongoing bond-market losses, triggering $42 billion of withdrawals.

Meyer Burger shifting to 100% glass-glass bifacial panels

Meyer Burger says it will shift all of its manufacturing operations away from plastic.

US solar developers take on module manufacturing risks

Multiple deals over the last six months have shown that solar panel manufacturers are using long-term solar module supply agreements with developers to drive factory finance.

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