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Plastic for solar panels?

Three companies are swapping out aluminum and glass in favor of plastic to save weight and add flexibility. We look at the pros and cons.


Iron flow battery tech shows promise for mid-duration energy storage

The ESS battery systems have a prescribed design life of 25 years, but the battery modules, electrolyte, plumbing, and other components may well last for decades longer with proper maintenance.

Interconnecting US solar to the grid – an opaque process

New documents reveal how renewables have improved publicly available power grid data in the United States, and show how solar and wind are footing the bill for U.S. power grid upgrades.

Recycling solar panels: Making the numbers work

NREL researchers said a profitable and sustainable solar panel recycling industry could establish itself by 2032. Here’s how the numbers work.


Residential rooftop solar 101: From azimuth to zoning

Join the solar revolution, but do so with the most current insight on equipment, cost, and system design. Bookmark this page and refer to it often as your project moves forward.

Megawatt-scale, solar-powered EV truck charging

WattEV will build 1 MW solar-powered chargers to deliver 320 miles (515 km) of range to Class 8, 80,000-pound trucks in 30 minutes.


Energy storage appears to be fully charged for exponential growth

Lithium-based energy storage volumes are expected to grow by multiple orders of magnitude in the coming years, with a 1,000% capacity increase by 2023.

US residential PV pricing fell 6.3% over past 12 months

Residential solar installation price declines have accelerated over the past year in the U.S. solar market. However, energy storage pricing has gone up, with Enphase taking an increasingly larger share of the market.

Solar challenging nuclear as potential climate change solution

Research suggests that we can power 80% of the United States with wind, solar, and 12 hours of energy storage, but the replacement of nuclear power plants hasn’t been financially viable. Is that about to change?


Solar 101: Go solar, but go with your eyes open

Solar is uniquely virtuous among energy industries. But like all industries, consumers need to pay close attention to protect themselves.